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New Construction

a) We have the ability to work in several projects at the same time, we have managerial and supervisory personnel with excellent warehouse and logistics support.

b) We partner with engineers, both local and international and our clients to bring out the best of the project, recommending what makes more sense for the local environment and under local laws, codes and regulations.



a) Upgrades to any system after some years is always recommended to maintain a sound environment inside and outside the AC space.

b) New technologies and construction methods are always being developed. We’d like to always recommend the latest technology for existing AC spaces.

c) Some times old properties with no allowance for AC require deep engineering and creative solutions, we at ARM, have partner with several clients to accommodate their needs.



a) Preventive maintenance.

i. The key for the successful operation of any mechanical system is a good preventive maintenance. We pride to say that we have been engage in 90% of the new construction jobs we have completed doing preventive maintenance.

ii. Preventive maintenance not only extends the life span of the equipment, it also maintains good comfort for longer periods of time and reduces expensive repairs.

b) Corrective maintenance.

i. When used equipment has not been maintained over long periods of time or requires heavy refurbishment, the corrective maintenance is required.

ii. We have the expertise, and partners to repair any type of air conditioning system.

c) Operation.

i. If requested we also have the ability to operate in a daily basis any plant as requested by our clients.


Design Build

a) Over the years we have seen a strong tendency and preference to have more design-build projects, especially when the projects are fast track. We have partner with local developers, engineers and builders to achieve this. Our expertise allows us to not only build it but also design it.



a) We have added this to our repertoire for the past 8 years having successfully completed 7 large jobs.

Air conditioning system with air conditioners, ventilators and pipes on top of a building.

Energy Studies

a) One key item when approaching an existing system is to analyze and study the same to ensure its working at its best efficiency.

b) The studies we performed not only consider the HVAC system but also the overall building envelope and other construction disciplines, we understand that a well built AC system depends also on a well built building, no matter the size of this.


Project Management

a) Our personnel is knowledgeable of how to approach a project overall.

b) We partner with most of our clients from early stages of the construction whenever possible to reduce downtimes, expedite construction and reduce delivery times.

c) We have the ability to coordinate and manage other contractors in addition to our own personnel.



a) We have agreements with key manufacturers in strategic markets to allow us to provide excellent prices to our clients.

b) Our in-house sheetmetal fabrication shop gives us the opportunity to fabricate for the regional market.


Building Management System

a) In ARM we understand and promote the use of BMS, this is an extra layer to ensure that our clients are getting the best out of their systems.

b) We have in-house personnel capable of designing, installing and trouble shooting new and existing BMS systems.

c) We have strategic partners on the BMS world that allow us to provide excellent support.

d) BMS could be the best friend but also the worst enemy of HVAC systems, for that reason we always pay extra attention in the sequence of operation.